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About Me

Are you hoping to deliver a compelling speech that captivates your audience, conveys your message effectively, and leaves a lasting impact? If you believe that great speeches make for great events, you’ve come to the ‘write’ place! I’m Toby Shenker, an experienced speech writer with a longstanding passion for crafting words that resonate, inspire and engage.

As a published ghostwriter of personal memoirs, corporate histories and more recently ‘big-day’ speeches, I’ve honed the art of telling one’s story in a powerful way. Having attended one too many weddings and events that were memorable for the wrong reason – those dreary, dreadful speeches – I founded Best Speech Ever, specialising in writing original, amusing wedding speeches, meaningful tributes, and persuasive presentations.


Your Wedding speech * Work presentation * Milestone birthday speech * Wedding anniversary speech *  Bar mitzvah or Bat mitzvah speech*  Notable celebration speech * Eulogy etc.

Toby, your speech writer

About you

Every speech I write tells a UNIQUE story that is inspired by YOU, YOUR story and the personal sentiments YOU wish to share. Yes – anyone can go on stage and read off a template or download a basic, generic speech from AI. But to confidently deliver a heartfelt, compelling speech to all the most important people in your life, packed with amusing anecdotes and personal reflections, you’ll need much more than that!

Bride and groom listening to the speech delivered by a guest.

Saving you time and stress

Writing that hugely important speech can be a time-consuming, stressful and often daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start, at a time when you have an endless to-do list in hand. Whether you need  to write a touching tribute to honour a significant milestone, or a wedding speech for the Bride or Groom, Parent of the Bride or Groom, Best Man or Maid of Honour,  I’ll make the process a fun, creative and collaborative experience.

Upon receipt of your answers to all my trigger questions, I’ll write the first draft of your speech, and we’ll exchange our updated versions until you’re 100% happy.  Ultimately, I’ll present you with an unforgettable speech infused with warmth, charm and humour – the perfect words for your occasion!


GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR: Find me a person who doesn’t love to laugh!  If you want to win an audience over, humour is guaranteed to be your most powerful tool. I have a knack for finding the funny side of a story and injecting it with exactly the right blend of playful banter and wit. We’ll hone in on those weird eccentricities, recollect the funny or crazy things people said or did, and build on that in an understated, charming way.

I also act as an excellent sounding board, just in case the Best man or Father of the bride has misunderstood the nature of his role or assignment!

SUCCINCT & PUNCHY : By crystalizing loads of info into concise, pithy language, I’m able to cut to the chase. Your speech will be meticulously edited and tweaked to ensure it’s 100 % relevant and to the point throughout.

OBSESSION WITH BRILLIANT SPEECHES: As an avid TED talk fan, podcast listener and member of Toastmasters, I’ve come to learn what makes a speech truly exceptional and of course, how to deliver it. I’ve studied and analysed countless historic speeches to understand and incorporate many of the secrets behind their success.

DELIVERY COACHING: Terrified of public speaking?  Let’s get those butterflies flying in formation! With a little coaching, along with my tried and tested delivery tips in hand, you’ll step up to the podium with a heart that’s pounding… not with fear, but with the thrill of feeling totally pumped, knowing that you’re about to deliver a kick-ass speech that’s going to nail it!

Bride and groom laughing while presenting my speech
bride delivering a speech written by me, your speech writer


If you’d like this epic speech writer to help share your thoughts, sentiments and ideas to conjure words of magic, now would be a great time to SELECT ONE OF THE FOUR OPTIONS BELOW to indicate the type of help you’re after!

Kindly make your selection from the four service options offered to the right and then click the WRITE MY SPEECH button. Then proceed to complete the short form.

Thereafter, I’ll contact you to explain the process.

Should it be necessary, I can also tailor-make a package that works for you!

Kindly make your selection from the four service options offered below and then click the WRITE MY SPEECH button. Then proceed to complete the short form.

Thereafter, I’ll contact you to explain the process.

Should it be necessary, I can also tailor-make a package that works for you!


Editing and tweaking

Adding ideas + giving feedback on existing draft of minimum 650 words of your proposed speech

Only R1500


Writing your speech

Adding humour, based on responses to my trigger questions

Includes a free copy of: My speech delivery tips + How to prepare your speech cards

Only R2500


Gets you BLAZING

Adding quotes, fun and humour + 2 delivery practice sessions

Includes a free copy of: My speech delivery tips + How to prepare your speech cards.

Only R3200


Delivery coaching for an existing speech

1-on 1 Sessions focusing on:
Meeting your time allowance
Voice Modulation
Pausing and pace
Eye contact
How to use speech cards
Body language

Only R400/hr

Upon receipt of your selection and P.O.P.,  I’ll send you a downloadable copy of how to structure your speech, along with my top wedding speech writing tips. I’ll also send you a list of trigger questions, the answers to which should give me all the background info I’ll need to personalise your speech. This will provide you with all the necessary info to enable us to get started.


Client Testimonials

Having Toby help me write my speech and perfect my delivery was the best decision we made for the wedding. I felt a lot more relaxed about the whole speech writing process, and I felt that my speech reflected my personality and really highlighted the main key stories and elements that I wanted to focus on.  I got wonderful feedback from friends and family who said my speech was brilliant, very funny, and also very moving. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Laura Ash Thornton

With limited time on my hands, working with Toby turned the process of going from a blank page to finished, polished speech 3-5 times faster than if I had done it alone. It was truly a game changer!  She made it a fun, enjoyable experience, with fast turnarounds and insightful comments and gave me unmissable tips for the delivery.  Highly recommended!!

Ash Thornton

Using Toby’s input in preparing my speech for my daughter’s wedding paid off in bucketloads. She edited my initial draft to be more succinct and punchy and introduced a great balance of humour and emotion – at which point I knew we were onto something special. The tips and feedback she gave me during our delivery practice turned a really good speech into an excellent one. Countless people approached me afterwards with effusive praise and compliments, many saying it brought both laughter and tears to their eyes. I strongly endorse Toby’s offering and recommend that you don’t miss her essential delivery practice!

Alan Hayden
Father of the Bride

I was petrified at the thought of speaking at my daughter’s wedding and it was particularly tough, as my beloved husband passed away last year. I knew that I needed to do this for our family, and this is where Toby stepped in. She immediately tapped into who I am as a person, and worked with such sensitivity, bearing in mind how hard this was going to be for me. She somehow put all my mixed feelings into exactly the right words and gave me all the confidence I needed to express myself – supporting me all the way, right up to the day. THANK YOU! This was a huge break-through for me and a much-needed boost to my self-confidence!!

Jane Van Tonder (Mother of the Bride)

I can strongly recommend Toby Shenker’s speech writing service.  She helped me with an important speech I had to make at a high-profile event and her input was invaluable on many levels.  The whole process of writing and delivering this speech became a pleasure working with Toby.

Elita de Klerk (wife of our late President, FW de Klerk)

I was asked to toast the Bride and Groom. I sent Toby my original attempt and using her excellent editing skills, she managed to rescript it into a balance of emotion, heartfelt truths and exceptional humour all deliverable in the allocated time. We practiced the speech together and the final delivery was perfect, with lots of tears and laughter. This would not have been possible without Toby’s professional assistance.

Derek du Plessis, (Father of the Bride)

I was not expecting so many compliments after the speech I made at my daughter’s wedding.  Toby also gave me excellent delivery tips, which proved really helpful.

Peter Goemans, Father of the bride

Toby’s assistance with my wedding speech to my daughter proved invaluable. I could not have asked for a more qualified person to guide me through the process. Don’t miss out on the delivery practice session!

Tony Dolley, Father of the Bride)

When I prepared my wedding speech, I turned to Toby to be my wordsmith warden and speech advisor. Her feedback was constructive, relevant and not simply validating. Don’t hesitate to contact Toby if you want to ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime speech will be treasured and regaled for many years to come.

Wayne Sussman, (Groom)

Toby helped me with the most important speech of my life. She read and analyzed my draft copy objectively, before giving me critical but kind feedback. We then worked hand-in-hand to ensure that my speech was
to-the-point, funny and meaningful.

Daniel Barnett, (Groom)

Fantastic …helpful… caring….funny….witty! Toby you went out your way to help make our speech brilliant, and exactly what we envisioned! Huge thank you!

Sheri and Jonathan Stein, (Bride and Groom)


*Please note that for ethical reasons, I’m unable to write speech assignments for scholars.
However, should you wish, I’m willing to assist you with professional coaching for your speech delivery. You'll need to select the STELLAR DELIVERY option above.

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